What is Heilsutorg?

In Heilsutorg interdisciplinary holistic health services are provided. The health providers are graduate students from the School of Health Sciences, i.e. medicine, pharmacology , nursing, physical therapy, psychology, midwifery and nutrition sciences. The students work in interdisciplinary  teams and are supervised by clinical supervisors. The clients are encouraged to take an active role in their care plan.
Attn: Students looking primarily for dentistry services should contact the Department of Odontology's dental clinic: klinik@hi.is, tel. 525 4871 

Who can come to Heilsutorg?

Students at the University of Iceland.

Where is Heilsutorg?

Heilsugæslan Glæsibæ
Álfheimar 74
104 Reykjavík

How do I make an appointment?

1. Click the button below: "Panta tíma á Heilsutorgi




2. A new tab will open, where you will see the same button as above

3. Choose an open day and time by clicking on the calendar

4. Fill out the following information:

     Nafn: Name

     Tölvupóstur: Email

     GSM símanúmer: Cell phone number

     Kennitala: Icelandic ID number

     Megin ástæða komunar á Heilsutorg: Main purpose for coming to Heilsutorg

5. Click on "Bóka tíma"

You should receive an email confirming your appointment within a few minutes.


If you have problems making an appointment due to language barriers please contact us for assistance in making an appointment (olofol@hi.is)



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